Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Latest English info for X/Y

With the recent announcement of information from CoroCoro; a lot of information has come to light, as well as the English information as well!

First off lets start with the new trailer; it shows us a lot of new stuff like the main city of the game that we shall go into in  a minute. It also gives us a look at battles a bit more and shows us some moves for the starters; as well as quick gameplay of the new pokemon. It also shows we can interact with the environment and sit down on benches and things. 

Next we will go into the region; the other day, it was announced that this region would be called the Karos Region, it has now been confirmed to be called the Kalos Region; with the main city going from Miare city to Luminose City. 
The Region of Kalos appears to be shaped like a star and on top of this; the Pokedex is broken down into three sub-regions: Coastal Kalos, Mountain Kalos and Central Kalos. This may mean we are getting a lot of new Pokemon or that we have an extremely large Regional Dex. Comprising of Gen1-6 Pokemon. 
The Kalos Region

Now for the new pokemon

The Panda Pokemon Yancham; has been confirmed to be called Pancham; a mix of Panda and cham or derived from Punch'am. Its new move is called Parting Shot; which lowers the stats of its opponent but switches out the user. 

Next we have the Robin Pokemon Yayakoma; which has been confirmed to be called Fletchling; a mix of Fletch and Hatching or Hatchling. As stated the other day it knows Flame Charge; so this could mean it might turn into a Fire/Flying type. 

Now we have the Lizard Pokemon Elekiteru; which has been confirmed to be called Helioptile; A mix of Helios and Reptile. Its new move has been named Parabolic Charge; which heals the user and damages the enemy. 

Lastly we have the Goat Pokemon Gogoat; this Pokemons name is the same in English and Japanese so nothing has changed there. It uses Horn Leech. 

As for the starters; it was shown what moves they acquire early on in their development. 

Chespin has been shown at level 5 with the moves Tackle, Growl and Vine Whip, at level 8 he gets access to Rollout 

Fennekin has been shown at level 5 with the moves Scratch, Tail Whip and Ember; at level 8 (although shown at 11) he gets access to Howl

Froakie was shown at level 8 already and has access to Pound, Growl, Bubble and Quick Attack. 

What is interesting to note is that the first type move starters usually get is around level 6-8; but these have them at level 5 already. So this either means that the Starters are given to the player at level 1 or that these moves are automatically available on the starting Pokemon. 

We got a few pictures showing the option to customise the players looks; apparently its confirmed that accessories and other clothes can be gotten throughout the game but so far its only shown the images of different skin colour etc. 

Female trainer options
Another new feature; which whilst not game breaking, it is new to the Pokemon main games, you can now move diagonally! 

Finally; we got a glimpse at the Box Arts for the games as well; and they are looking superb! Roll on October! Because these games are going to be awesome.

Box Art

Saturday, 11 May 2013

New Pokemon information FINALLY!!

Thanks to the early leaks of CoroCoro; new information has come to light after such a long time!

Four new pokemon were shown:

The first is a Panda Pokemon named Yancham; it is a fighting type pokemon and is classified as the Naughty Pokemon. It has a new move called Parting Remark. 

The second is a Robin Pokemon named Yayakoma; it is a normal/flying type pokemon and is classified as the Japanese Robin Pokemon. It is able to use the move Flame Charge; possibly hinting that it may evolve into a fire/flying pokemon.

The third is a Lizard Pokemon named Elekiteru; it is a electric/normal type pokemon and is classified as the Generation Pokemon. It has a new move called Parabola Charge

The final is a Goat Pokemon named Gogoat; it is a grass type pokemon and is classified as the Ride Pokemon. This is an interesting Pokemon as the player is actually able to ride Gogoat in the field! 

The next scan revealed the artwork for the male and female protagonist's; they are nice designs and work well with the now confirmed region based on France named the Karos Region. 

It has also confirmed by the pictures to the left of the male that you can customise your character; it shows changing hair and skin colour; but more may be accessible as the game goes on; like changing clothe colours and the like. 

As seen in the image to the right of the girl; it shows the player's riding Gogoat out in the open; this may have completely replaced the bike now! 

Box art has also been shown but it is only blurry at the moment; they are looking very good though.

More information will be posted as it comes but that is it for the information in CoroCoro; the English names will likely come this week. Keep checking back :D 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Injustice DLC character shenanigans

Before the games release; it was announced that with the season pass, buyers would get four DLC characters included in it as well as other DLC; similar to Mortal Kombat who also got four characters as DLC. This left perspective players wondering who these characters are and if it happened to be any that kept getting name dropped by Ed Boon himself. 

On numerous occasions he would mention about the cast; who could be in it, they considered Lobo, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl and a few others. Just before the games release it was confirmed Lobo would be the first DLC. 

This left players excited as many wanted the likes of Martian Manhunter in the game to begin with and hoped that Power Girl and MM would soon join him as revealed DLC characters. 

However last week someone made a post claiming that they had looked into the code of the game and found that the four DLC characters were 

  1. Lobo - already confirmed
  2. Batgirl
  3. Zod
  4. Scorpion - One of the main faces from the Mortal Kombat series

This left players thinking oh its just a hoax; when Ed Boon had confirmed that he wouldn't be placing any cross over characters in the game and keeping it a full DC roster; but today it was confirmed that Batgirl will be joining the cast via the X-box live marketplace.

This was posted on Event Hubs with details of how she was found and a video showing it; at 99% the counter resets to 0% eventually telling players she is not available at the moment. Event Hubs also confirmed the inclusion of Doomsday as a playable character; before the release of the game. 

With this it gives the DLC character list more credence and annoys a lot of the fans. The game consists of numerous Batman characters already and another really wasn't needed; especially when they could have used the ones that Boon had mentioned numerous times; and especially annoys a lot of fans for the fact Scorpion may be entering the roster. 

This doesn't fully confirm the list and it was soon taken down; but with half of them being confirmed true; it has a possibility of becoming true. It was mentioned elsewhere that the characters that have been picked; their Brazilian voice actors are the same as for others; for instance Zod is the same as Martian Manhunter, so there is still a small chance he may make it into the game. 

Whilst annoying; Zod makes sense with the upcoming Man of Steel film but as with Freddie Krugger in Mortal Kombat, Scorpion should not be put into this game over characters who are actually relevant to DC; like Martian Manhunter, Powergirl or Firestorm.