Wednesday, 11 September 2013

CoroCoro leaks!

Its that time again! CoroCoro has began to leak and has confirmed the secondary Mewtwo Mega-Evolution and Mega-Garchomp 

This Mega-Mewtwo is Psychic/Fighting with the ability Steadfast; it appears to be called Mega-Mewtwo X; and is confirmed to be exclusive to X; the other is Mega-Mewtwo Y; they use the Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y to mega-evolve 

Mega-Garchomp looks superb, a very good mega change; it has the ability Sand Force 

Now for new pokemon; a fair few have been revealed as of today 

First up we have Nyaonikusu; this pokemon could be the Pokemon Espurr that was rumoured; it is psychic type and has different movesets and appearance depending on its gender; male is more supportive and female is more offensive. The female knows Extrasensory; whilst the male knows miracle eye, it has the abilities keen eye or infiltrator. The male is the right one and the female is the left one. 

The next pokemon is Torimian; everyone thought this was a Llama when it was shown in the pokemon direct last week; it turns out its a poodle, which you can change its fur style with "trimming", it is a normal type pokemon; it has fur coat as its ability 

Now for this gens fossil pokemon; 

First we have Chigorasu; it is Rock/Dragon type, with the ability hard jaw, that increases attack power of biting moves

Second we have Amarusu which is Rock/Ice type, with the ability Freeze Skin; which turns normal attacks into ice attacks. 

The starter evolutions have also been shown, all three are pure types still, so their final evolutions may get the dark, psychic, fighting types respectively 

Chespin evolves into Hariboogu; it has the move Mud Shot 

Fennekin evolves into Teerunaa; it has the move Psycho cut; it stands on two legs and has a twig in its tail 

Froakie evolves into Gerogashira it has the move Jump 

Fairy types strengths and weaknesses have been confirmed 

Super effective against - Fighting, Dark and Dragon
Not very effective against - Fire, Poison and Steel
Weak to - Poison and Steel 
Resists - Fighting, Dark and Bug
Immune to - Dragon 

It also says that Steel has lost its resistance to Ghost and Dark 

Team Flare has five scientists; Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Akebi and Corea 

To customise your characters hair and clothing, you have to go to a salon/boutique; apparently a famous actress named Karune helps you

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