Friday, 12 July 2013

English details of the Pokemon from CoroCoro

We have no received information regarding the english details for the new pokemon, evil team and all that

First up Goronda is Pangoro the Daunting Pokemon; the Pokemon website states that it is a Cantankerous Pokemon; but it has a strong heart and doesn't forgive those who pick on the weak. Name a representation of Panda and Goro

Next up its Inkay and Malamar the two Squid Pokemon; Ink + Spray and Mala = Bad and Mar = Sea. 

Inkay is the revolving Pokemon; the transmitters above its eyes have the ability to drain the will to fight out of other pokemon; it uses this skill to hide away from predators. 

Malamar is the overturning pokemon, it wields some of the strongest hypnotic powers of any pokemon and can even make opponents bend to its will. 

The two version exclusive pokemon are now known as Swirlix the Cotton Candy Swirl + Helix Pokemon and Spritzee. 

Swirlix loves sweets and eats nothing else; making its body as sweet and sticky as cotton candy 

Spritzee emits a strange fragrance from its body; anyone who smells this will become under its spell. 

Xerneas and Yveltals abilities remain the same name as their japanese names. But their moves have new names

Geo-Control is Geomancy 

Death wing is Oblivion Wing

The evil team is team Flare and seem to use fire pokemon as by their name and confirm fossils in the images. 

Professor Sycamore is the name of the professor this time around; a very fitting name. 

The gym leaders names:

Grant is the sporty gym leader; he might be a rock type gym leader but funny that no Rock types have been shown yet. 

Clemont is an electric type gym leader; it was guessed that he would use Helioptile or its evolution based on the satellite he has on one of his robotic arms but it is unknown yet if he is. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Leaks of CoroCoro!

Whoa, so much information this month! English names will be given as soon as they become available

First of all Xerneas and Yveltal are the rumoured types they were said to be; Xerneas is pure Fairy type with ability Fairy Aura; which raises the power of fairy type moves, and a new move called Geo Control. Yveltal is a dark/flying type with the ability Dark Aura; which raises the power of dark type moves, and a new move called Death Wing. 

Honedge is briefly shown in the magazine and is confirmed to have the ability No Guard; so it will be weak to both Ground and Fire. 

The two Pokemon Clauncher and Skrelp are version exclusive pokemon; Clauncher is exclusive to X, whilst Skrelp is exclusive to Y. 

Now onto the new Pokemon

The first is the Aggressive Pokemon; Goronda, it is the evolution of Pancham. It is 2'11 in height and weighs 136kg. It is a Fighting/Dark type, only sharing this with Scraggy and Scrafty. It has the ability Iron Fist and is able to learn Hammer Arm. Goronda has a new method of evolution; but it is not stated what it is. 

Next we have the Squid pokemon Maika; this could be the rumoured Malimar, that evolves when the 3DS is turned upside down; however this could have been confused with that it is the rotation pokemon. It is 0.4 in height and weighs 3.5kg. It is a unique Dark/Psychic type pokemon with a move called Turn Over; which reverses stat changes. 

Its evolution is the reversal Pokemon Karamenero; it is 1'4 in height and 47kg; it sports the Dark/Psychic type as well. It has the move Hypnosis. Both Maika and Karamenero have either Suction Cups or Contrary as their ability. 

Next up is another Y exclusive Pokemon; this is the Perfume Pokemon called Shushup, it is a pure Fairy Type and is 0.2 in height and 0.5kg. It has the ability Healer and also the move Aromatherapy. 

The last new Pokemon is the Cotton Candy Pokemon Peroppafu exclusive to X; again it is a pure Fairy type to go with its counter part, it is 0.4 in height and 3.4kg. It has a new ability called Sweet Pale; which stops allies from falling asleep and a new move called Drain Kiss. Although the artwork does not show it; the in game battle shots; show that it does have feet, so its not just a floating piece of candy floss! 

Now for the evil team; this team is called either Flair or Flare; but most likely Flair as their goal is all about money. 

Two Gym Leaders were shown; the first is Shitoron, who has robot arms coming from his back 

The other is Zakuro; who is said to be good at sports. Neither types were confirmed for their gyms. 

The professor was also shown in this edition; he is called Purataanu; which may be romanised to Platane; and he will occasionally battle you; so it will be interesting to see what Pokemon he uses. 

Lastly some more information was given on the PSS system
- Holocaster; it gives you the latest information on the Global Link without needing access
- Happy Sign; it allows you to see the feelings/actions of your friends
- Special Pass Powers that you receive from friends
- Miracle Trade; an "exciting Trade" with someone across the world 
- It also links up to the Global Trade Station 

So quite a lot of information issue; October cannot come quick enough. 

Friday, 5 July 2013


After yesterdays reveal of the new sword pokemon; today has brought some more information to light on it. 

First its english name is Honedge; Honing of sword skills and Edge of the sword; which works pretty well. It is 2'07" and weighs 4.4lbs. 

As mentioned yesterday; Honedge is a Steel/Ghost type pokemon; it comes into being when a departed spirit comes into contacted with a sword once used by humans. It uses the blue cloth like an arm as seen as it unsheathes itself. 

If someone was to pick it up; they may find themselves having the blue cloth wrapping around their arm and draining them of energy!

As to be expected; Honedge can learn Swords Dance to sharply raise its attack stat. Other moves to be expected for it to learn are Slash, Scratch, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Leaf Blade and many other cutting attacks. 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

That there Sword Pokemon

Today has brought some more information regarding Pokemon X and Y once again. 

First off, the two 3DS XL designs have been shown; they come as all other special 3DS XL packages, with X or Y on a 4GB card. This is only for Japan at the moment; but it could come to the west as well. 

The first is blue with large X and Y's as a darker blue in the background; on top of this is the line art for Xerneas and Yveltel. 

The second has a more Nordic art design on it; possibly hinting that it is in fact what the theme of the game is. It depicts a forest with Xerneas, Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie in the tree's; the other side shows them looking at Yveltel in the sky. 

A new pokemon was also shown; this is a completely unique pokemon with a unique Steel/Ghost type. It is based on a Sword with a tassel at the end; this tassel resembles a hand; which unsheathes the pokemon's blade. It has a singular eye on it but when Sheathed the blade underneath gives the impressive of two extra eyes and a mouth; this could evolve into the long awaited haunted armour in the future. 

Its english name is unknown but its french name is Monorpale - Mono (one) Pale (blade); the R could represent Vorpal; so it could be based on a vorpal sword. 

The design of it resembles a Celtic or Nordic sword as well; so possibly yet another hint. 


Unsheathed for battle

There is also supposed to be an announcement from Masuda today; so keep your eyes peeled for more information.