Thursday, 4 July 2013

That there Sword Pokemon

Today has brought some more information regarding Pokemon X and Y once again. 

First off, the two 3DS XL designs have been shown; they come as all other special 3DS XL packages, with X or Y on a 4GB card. This is only for Japan at the moment; but it could come to the west as well. 

The first is blue with large X and Y's as a darker blue in the background; on top of this is the line art for Xerneas and Yveltel. 

The second has a more Nordic art design on it; possibly hinting that it is in fact what the theme of the game is. It depicts a forest with Xerneas, Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie in the tree's; the other side shows them looking at Yveltel in the sky. 

A new pokemon was also shown; this is a completely unique pokemon with a unique Steel/Ghost type. It is based on a Sword with a tassel at the end; this tassel resembles a hand; which unsheathes the pokemon's blade. It has a singular eye on it but when Sheathed the blade underneath gives the impressive of two extra eyes and a mouth; this could evolve into the long awaited haunted armour in the future. 

Its english name is unknown but its french name is Monorpale - Mono (one) Pale (blade); the R could represent Vorpal; so it could be based on a vorpal sword. 

The design of it resembles a Celtic or Nordic sword as well; so possibly yet another hint. 


Unsheathed for battle

There is also supposed to be an announcement from Masuda today; so keep your eyes peeled for more information. 

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