Thursday, 19 September 2013

Amaura and Tyrunt Evolutions

Last week when CoroCoro came out; the Rock/Ice fossil named Amaura was shown, today revealed by Jeux Video; the evolution of this pokemon has said to have been revealed. No information regarding its name or specifications have been revealed but it looks rather cool.

Its artwork was also shown; will post more info as it comes.

Tyrunts evolution was also shown today; this Pokemon is called Tyrantrum 

A few other details were shown

- Aurorus can learn a move called Freeze Dry, it freezes the opponent, but it has the added effect of being super effective against water types
- Pokemon gain exp; even when you capture a pokemon
- Apparently no Kalos pokemon have a mega-evolution in X/Y

Friday, 13 September 2013

English information

As with always when CoroCoro leaks; the english info of the pokemon comes out a few days later. 

First up the starter evolutions 

The grass starter Chespin, evolves into Quilladin; Quill + Paladin, it states that when Chespin evolves, the spikes on its body grow sturdier; despite its prickly appearance, Qulladin is considered a gentle pokemon that avoids battle. 

It uses its hard shell to repel attacks and strike back with its pointed spines; it is the spiny armour pokemon and like all grass starters it has the ability Overgrow. 

The fire starter Fennekin; evolves into Braixen, it states that once Fennekin evolves into Braixen, it no longer eats branches; but it still keeps a tree branch in its tail; which seems to calm the pokemon

Braixen will occasionally wield the branch in battle and use friction to set it on fire; it is the fox pokemon and has the ability Blaze like all fire starters. 

The water starter Froakie; evolves in Frogadier, Frog + Grenadier; it states Frogadier evolves from Froakie, and when it does, its jumping skill improves. In battle; Frogadier confounds its opponents by leaping about the ceiling or into trees. 

Frogadier attacks by launching stones wrapped in bubbles at its opponents; it is the Bubble Frog Pokemon and has the ability Torrent like the water starters before it. 

The baby T-rex pokemon is now known as Tyrunt; a play on Tyrant, Tyrannosaur + Runt; it is known as the Royal Heir pokemon and its ability is now Strong Jaw. Like all fossil pokemon, the player must revive it from a Fossil; Tyrunts fossil is the Jaw fossil. 

It is believed that Tyrunt is over one hundred million years old; this Pokemon is known to be a bit selfish and will throw a fit when it doesn't like something.  

Amaura requires the sail fossil in order to revive it; it has the new ability Refrigerate that turns normal moves into ice type moves. Like Tyrunt; Amaura is believed to be one hundred million years old. 

The pokemon Pyroar was shown again today as well; but this time with its female form being shown too. 

The psychic cat pokemon is known as Meowstic; this was the rumoured cat pokemon that was mentioned a while back; it is the constraint pokemon. The male and female forms give different descriptions. 

Male: The organs within Meowstic's ears posses formidable psychic power; so it usually keeps them clamped shut; but when Meowstic is threatened it will lift its ears and release its power. 

Female: This pokemon tends not to show its emotions to others and remains expressionless, but it seems some trainers love the unsocialable air it puts on. 

Last of the new pokemon; Furfrou; a play on Frufrou is known as the Poodle pokemon with the ability Fur Coat. It states the stylish Furfrou can have its appearance changed by grooming. There are number of differents apperances it can take, and the more you groom it, the more styles become available. If you leave Furfrou's style untended for a few days, its fur will grow long and shaggy again, returning to its original look. Keep a regular grooming schedule to maintain Furfrou's style!

Examples of Furfrou's styles.

It learns the move baby-doll eyes; its a new fairy type move, where the user goes first regardless of speed, the move has a chance of lowering the opponents attack stat. 

Here is the new type chart for X/Y incorporating Fairy type changes; what is interesting is the notes that are mentioned at the bottom. 

Fire types cannot be afflicted by burn
Grass types are immune to leech seed, powder and spore moves
Electric types cannot be afflicted with Paralysis 
Ghost types are not affected by moves that prevent Pokemon from fleeing from battle

the others were known prior to this; but these are quite interesting changes they have undertaken 

This new character is called Diantha; she is a famous movie star beloved by everyone in the kalos region. She's also a pokemon trainer who shows a lot of potential. She may even trade Pokemon with you sometime during your adventure. 

Clockwise from lower left: Celosia, Mable, Bryony, Aliana 

These are 4 scientists of Team Flare; all female with the final being a man named Xerosic; they are not merely selfishly looking out for themselves, they appear to have a clear goal in how to change the world. What kind of world do they hope to create? 


In Pokemon X/Y, you'll be able to change your appearance at Boutiques and Salons, where you can change your outfits and hair style. Its not just the clothes but the hat, shoes and accessories too; you can choose a preset style or make your own. There are different boutiques in different cities that have different styles for you. 

Heres an example of the male and female in different clothes, the female also has a different hair style too. 

When the player changes their outfit and hair, the icon on the PSS and PGL will change; this will be shown to the world! 

And lastly we have; Trainer Promotional Videos; after you choose your style, you can go to one and create a video to reflect your style. The Trainer PR vids are 10-second film that feature you and your pokemon, you can choose expressions, poses, backgrounds, music, camera angles and more to create a unique video. You can either make a recommended video or make a video based on your prefernces with every second specially crafted!

Heres an example of the male character in a PR video 

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Early this morning a new pokemon was accidentally leaked by IGN; this new Pokemon is called Pyroar

Pyroar is the evolved form of Litleo, the little lion cub pokemon shown earlier this year; this pokemon is of the fire/normal type like its pre-evolution and is known as the royal pokemon; it is unknown if this is its final stage or if there is one in between or one after; but judging by the design it it looks like a final stage pokemon. It has the ability Unnerve which stops the opponent from consuming their berries and can learn the move Echo Voice. Its name is combination of Pyro and Roar. 

What is interesting is the yellow coloured parts on its mane is the Kanji symbol for fire. 

Pyroar in game. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

CoroCoro leaks!

Its that time again! CoroCoro has began to leak and has confirmed the secondary Mewtwo Mega-Evolution and Mega-Garchomp 

This Mega-Mewtwo is Psychic/Fighting with the ability Steadfast; it appears to be called Mega-Mewtwo X; and is confirmed to be exclusive to X; the other is Mega-Mewtwo Y; they use the Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y to mega-evolve 

Mega-Garchomp looks superb, a very good mega change; it has the ability Sand Force 

Now for new pokemon; a fair few have been revealed as of today 

First up we have Nyaonikusu; this pokemon could be the Pokemon Espurr that was rumoured; it is psychic type and has different movesets and appearance depending on its gender; male is more supportive and female is more offensive. The female knows Extrasensory; whilst the male knows miracle eye, it has the abilities keen eye or infiltrator. The male is the right one and the female is the left one. 

The next pokemon is Torimian; everyone thought this was a Llama when it was shown in the pokemon direct last week; it turns out its a poodle, which you can change its fur style with "trimming", it is a normal type pokemon; it has fur coat as its ability 

Now for this gens fossil pokemon; 

First we have Chigorasu; it is Rock/Dragon type, with the ability hard jaw, that increases attack power of biting moves

Second we have Amarusu which is Rock/Ice type, with the ability Freeze Skin; which turns normal attacks into ice attacks. 

The starter evolutions have also been shown, all three are pure types still, so their final evolutions may get the dark, psychic, fighting types respectively 

Chespin evolves into Hariboogu; it has the move Mud Shot 

Fennekin evolves into Teerunaa; it has the move Psycho cut; it stands on two legs and has a twig in its tail 

Froakie evolves into Gerogashira it has the move Jump 

Fairy types strengths and weaknesses have been confirmed 

Super effective against - Fighting, Dark and Dragon
Not very effective against - Fire, Poison and Steel
Weak to - Poison and Steel 
Resists - Fighting, Dark and Bug
Immune to - Dragon 

It also says that Steel has lost its resistance to Ghost and Dark 

Team Flare has five scientists; Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Akebi and Corea 

To customise your characters hair and clothing, you have to go to a salon/boutique; apparently a famous actress named Karune helps you

Friday, 9 August 2013

Update with English information

After the information we received yesterday on the Mega-Evolutions for Pokemon; we have now received a video and the main site has updated with more information.

As usual; we shall start with the new pokemon and their names. 

First up with have Dedenne; which keeps its japanese name, much like Pikachu, Emolga and Pachirisu. It is a electric/fairy type and it is known as the Antenna pokemon. 

The official website states that it uses its antenna to emit radio waves, so it can communicate long distances. 

It has the new ability cheek pouches; that only uses the berry and gives the benefits of it; but it also recovers it HP too. 

It has a new move called nuzzle; that paralysis the enemy as well as doing damage! 

Next up we have Skiddo; a play on Kid (baby goat); it has an interesting description with it; stating that it may have been the first pokemon to live beside humans. Like Gogoat, the player will be able to ride it. 

It also states that Skiddo can feel its riders emotions, through the grip of its horns. 

The last of the new Pokemon is Bunnelby; like Dedenne, it has the ability Cheek Pouch; and uses its shovel shaped ears to dig through the ground; so this normal type pokemon have go to Normal/Ground type. Or Normal/Fighting; as it also states, its ears are strong enough to chop through thick tree roots. 

Some more information on Mega-Evolutions

The Torchic distribution is going to be worldwide; and is the only possible way of getting the special item needed for Blaziken's Mega-Evolution

Mega-Evolutions are only possible during battle

Not all Pokemon will be getting a Mega-Evolution 

All Mega-Evolutions will have stat increases

They all keep the Mega in front of their names. 

The gym leader revealed yesterday; is called Korinna, she is the gym leader of Shalour City; which is known for its great seaside views. It is unknown what type of gym she is but she does know mysteries behind the Mega-Evolutions. 

Lastly; something thats only really been hinted at; they have finally revealed the process of Super Training. This information was taken from the main site. 

There are different methods of this; Regimens are like sports it appears; the example they use is like football; where the player must get the ball into their opponents goal. 

The main thing that is implied here is that it is an easier way to check your ev's by doing these super training exercises. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pokemon X and Y Mega News

Wow; they weren't kidding when they said they had the scoop of the century

First up lets cover three new pokemon

From left to right we have 

Meekuru: It is the pre-evolution of Gogoat and is a pure grass type
Horubii: It is a normal type rabbit pokemon with the ability Pickup or a new ability called Cheek pouches
Dedenne: Most likely the pikachu clone of this game; it is super adorable though! It is electric/fairy type and has the same abilities as Horubii

Now onto the strange new concept they have introduced


Along with the new Mewtwo forme; there are 5 other pokemon that get this Mega-Evolutions, each gets a new ability and some even get a retyping. 

First up is Mawile; with the Huge Power ability and the now confirmed Steel/Fairy typing 

Next Mewtwo has the ability Insomniac and Ampharos is Electric/Dragon with the ability Mold Breaker 

Blaziken gets its dream world ability of Speed Boost, Lucario gets the ability Adaptability and Absol gets Magic Bounce. 

Apparently they can only be accessed during battle and a Torchic will be available for download as an event; holding an item called 'Blaziken Knight' which is a type of mega stone. 

A new gym leader has been shown; her type is not yet clear but her helmet is sort of skull like, so maybe they have finally put a dark gym leader in! She is called Koruni and holds the key to mega evolutions 

So some pretty interesting stuff; what do people think? 

Friday, 12 July 2013

English details of the Pokemon from CoroCoro

We have no received information regarding the english details for the new pokemon, evil team and all that

First up Goronda is Pangoro the Daunting Pokemon; the Pokemon website states that it is a Cantankerous Pokemon; but it has a strong heart and doesn't forgive those who pick on the weak. Name a representation of Panda and Goro

Next up its Inkay and Malamar the two Squid Pokemon; Ink + Spray and Mala = Bad and Mar = Sea. 

Inkay is the revolving Pokemon; the transmitters above its eyes have the ability to drain the will to fight out of other pokemon; it uses this skill to hide away from predators. 

Malamar is the overturning pokemon, it wields some of the strongest hypnotic powers of any pokemon and can even make opponents bend to its will. 

The two version exclusive pokemon are now known as Swirlix the Cotton Candy Swirl + Helix Pokemon and Spritzee. 

Swirlix loves sweets and eats nothing else; making its body as sweet and sticky as cotton candy 

Spritzee emits a strange fragrance from its body; anyone who smells this will become under its spell. 

Xerneas and Yveltals abilities remain the same name as their japanese names. But their moves have new names

Geo-Control is Geomancy 

Death wing is Oblivion Wing

The evil team is team Flare and seem to use fire pokemon as by their name and confirm fossils in the images. 

Professor Sycamore is the name of the professor this time around; a very fitting name. 

The gym leaders names:

Grant is the sporty gym leader; he might be a rock type gym leader but funny that no Rock types have been shown yet. 

Clemont is an electric type gym leader; it was guessed that he would use Helioptile or its evolution based on the satellite he has on one of his robotic arms but it is unknown yet if he is.