Friday, 12 July 2013

English details of the Pokemon from CoroCoro

We have no received information regarding the english details for the new pokemon, evil team and all that

First up Goronda is Pangoro the Daunting Pokemon; the Pokemon website states that it is a Cantankerous Pokemon; but it has a strong heart and doesn't forgive those who pick on the weak. Name a representation of Panda and Goro

Next up its Inkay and Malamar the two Squid Pokemon; Ink + Spray and Mala = Bad and Mar = Sea. 

Inkay is the revolving Pokemon; the transmitters above its eyes have the ability to drain the will to fight out of other pokemon; it uses this skill to hide away from predators. 

Malamar is the overturning pokemon, it wields some of the strongest hypnotic powers of any pokemon and can even make opponents bend to its will. 

The two version exclusive pokemon are now known as Swirlix the Cotton Candy Swirl + Helix Pokemon and Spritzee. 

Swirlix loves sweets and eats nothing else; making its body as sweet and sticky as cotton candy 

Spritzee emits a strange fragrance from its body; anyone who smells this will become under its spell. 

Xerneas and Yveltals abilities remain the same name as their japanese names. But their moves have new names

Geo-Control is Geomancy 

Death wing is Oblivion Wing

The evil team is team Flare and seem to use fire pokemon as by their name and confirm fossils in the images. 

Professor Sycamore is the name of the professor this time around; a very fitting name. 

The gym leaders names:

Grant is the sporty gym leader; he might be a rock type gym leader but funny that no Rock types have been shown yet. 

Clemont is an electric type gym leader; it was guessed that he would use Helioptile or its evolution based on the satellite he has on one of his robotic arms but it is unknown yet if he is. 

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