Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pokemon X and Y Mega News

Wow; they weren't kidding when they said they had the scoop of the century

First up lets cover three new pokemon

From left to right we have 

Meekuru: It is the pre-evolution of Gogoat and is a pure grass type
Horubii: It is a normal type rabbit pokemon with the ability Pickup or a new ability called Cheek pouches
Dedenne: Most likely the pikachu clone of this game; it is super adorable though! It is electric/fairy type and has the same abilities as Horubii

Now onto the strange new concept they have introduced


Along with the new Mewtwo forme; there are 5 other pokemon that get this Mega-Evolutions, each gets a new ability and some even get a retyping. 

First up is Mawile; with the Huge Power ability and the now confirmed Steel/Fairy typing 

Next Mewtwo has the ability Insomniac and Ampharos is Electric/Dragon with the ability Mold Breaker 

Blaziken gets its dream world ability of Speed Boost, Lucario gets the ability Adaptability and Absol gets Magic Bounce. 

Apparently they can only be accessed during battle and a Torchic will be available for download as an event; holding an item called 'Blaziken Knight' which is a type of mega stone. 

A new gym leader has been shown; her type is not yet clear but her helmet is sort of skull like, so maybe they have finally put a dark gym leader in! She is called Koruni and holds the key to mega evolutions 

So some pretty interesting stuff; what do people think? 

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