Friday, 14 June 2013

English Pokemon names

Another set of english names has been revealed; these are for the four pokemon that were revealed in CoroCoro this week along with information on the other things shown. Firstly the video showing off the new Pokemon

The first of these Pokemon is the Lion Cub pokemon; now known as Litleo; the pokemon website states that it is a hot blooded pokemon; its mane burns hotter and hotter, the stronger its opponent is. 

Next we have Flabebe (with accents over both E's) the fairy pokemon; this pokemon clings to a flower early on and cares for it for its whole life. Some appear on different coloured flowers. 

The next pokemon is Scatterbug; the first form of Vivillon; the fur around its next controls it body temperature; it resides mostly in forests and wild plains where it will eventually evolve into.....

Spewpa! Like Caterpie and others before it; this is the early bug pokemon, so Scatterbug evolves into Spewpa which evolves into Vivillon. It says Spewpa gains a stiff carapace once it evolves, so less forceful attacks will hardly make a scratch to it. 

The names of the heroes and the people from Vaniville town, the starting town in the game. All four of these characters will get a pokedex and a pokemon along with you according to the pokemon main website. 

Firstly; it shows in screenshots that the heroes names are Xavier and Yvonne for the boy and the girl; however which ever gender you choose to play the other appears as a rival as Calum and Serena. So those will likely be there names. Calum or Serena is your next door neighbour in Vaniville town and will constantly test you throughout your journey. 

Difference between Serena and Calum and the actual heroes is they don't have the hats, so maybe they are classed as different characters and will be Xavier and Yvonne as shown. 

The first of the characters is Shauna; she is an energetic girl that is trying to find a dream of her own.

The second is Tierno; which means cute/caring in Spanish. He is a caring person who is trying to make a Pokemon dance team; he is strong, kind and light on his feet; he gets distracted easily watching his opponents moves and seeing what he can incorporate into his routines. This could also suggest a new type of mini-game/side quest, like musicals and contests. 

Thirdly there is Trevor; he is an inquisitive young boy and a great student. He is the one to give you the pokedex and compares it with you regularly; he is competing to see who can complete it first.  

For the gym leader; she keeps the name Viola and is the gym leader of Santalune City. She is also a professional Pokemon Photographer. 

Her older sister Alexa is also part of the group; she was known as Pansy in Japan. She will guide you towards the gym. 

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