Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pokemon X/Y even more information!

Last night; the creators of Pokemon did a round table discussion at E3. They covered a lot of information that is already known along with new information!

First and foremost; the new Pokemon, three new Pokemon were shown in the small trailer shown last night


Talonflame (Talon + Flame); this Pokemon evolves from the Robin Pokemon Fletchling and becomes a Fire/Flying type! This is the first regional bird to do so with the rest staying Normal/Flying. Talonflame is said to gain a new level of speed and firepower; it dives at its foes and attacks with devastating kicks. 

Next up we have Clauncher (Claw + Launcher); it is a water type pokemon and based on a Lobster. It is recognisable by its large claw. It uses it to seize prey and blast them with projectiles. Possibly a Water/Fire on evolution perhaps? 

Lastly we have Skrelp (possibly Scrap + Kelp); it is a poison/water type pokemon and is based on a seahorse; it wraps itself in seaweed and kelp to hide itself from prey; then bathes them with poison when they get too close. 

Another interesting feature was that they showed how friends are doing in the game; that you can register and see what they are doing. Whilst this is cool; it is great to see the customisation options for your character! 

Also another feature that is kind of cool; is the player has the option to choose what language they play their game in. 

Two new battle styles have been shown; the first is Sky Battle's; if the player has a flying type or a pokemon with levitate they are able to participate in these battles; at the moment they just seem to be the same style but higher above the ground; so it will be interesting to see if they add any different mechanics to this. 

The second is very interesting; they are called Horde Battles; in these battles it is on of your pokemon vs 5 pokemon. Although this could change in number depending on the area. Whilst this is cool; it could be a bit of a hassle at times; but at the same time, great for training with fighting five pokemon at once. 

However whilst writing this; CoroCoro began to leak and even more information has come to light!

The first pokemon is the lion cub Pokemon known as Shishiko; it is Fire/Normal type. It has a move called battle cry; which lowers the opponents attack

Next we have another new pokemon called Furabebe; it is the lone flower pokemon and is pure fairy type; despite it sitting on a flower. It learns Fairy Wind; which Gardevoir was also shown learning. 

The next two are pre-evolutions of Vivillon; it is most likely Spewpa is the middle form but until the english names are confirmed they are known as. Kofukimushi and Kofuurai. 

Along with this some characters were shown and some information based on the starting town. 

The player character has just moved to the town of Asame; where they meet the other gender character (Callum or Sereena for the Japanese names; depending which gender you pick); there are also three other characters there. Sana, Tieruno and Toroba; but what they do isn't mentioned. 

The two characters above are 

Viola who is the girl on the right; she is a bug type gym leader of Hakudan city

Pansy is the other girl; she has a Gogoat and a Helioptile and is set to appear in the anime in July 

That is it for now; but will update when english names are revealed for pokemon, towns and characters. 

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