Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pokemon Fairies everywhere!

Finally some more Pokemon X and Y information

We'll start off with the release date; it has been confirmed to be world wide release on 12th October 2013. 

Next; two new pokemon

Vivillon the new butterfly; Bug/Flying type Pokemon; comes from Vivid + Papillon; to get Vivillon

The next is Noivern a new dragon pokemon; it is Flying/Dragon type; it used a new move called Boomburst and is Noise + Wyvern to get Noivern 

The biggest news though comes from the confirmation of the Fairy type! Now the 18th type in the pokemon world; it is super effective against Dragon so far. 

Sylveon, Jigglypuff, Gardevoir and Marill have all been confirmed to be fairy type pokemon. 

Sylveon has a move called Moonblast and Gardevoir was shown to use a move called Fairy Wind 

A new feature has been put in called Pokemon-amie; this works similar to the Kingdom Hearts Dream, Drop, Distance bonding system; you can pet, feed and and play with your pokemon in this mode. They showed Pikachu and a few others in this feature. 

So a lot of interesting things have been shown; its looking to be shaping up to a fantastic generation 

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